About Liz Friedman

I am the Mommy of two. Lived thru postpartum hell after the first, rewrote history after the second. I bring mamas together to talk about our REAL stories of motherhood and am completely committed to transforming the world for mothers so that no mother has to go thru the hell that I went thru, all the while trying to stay grounded, play with my kiddos, get enough sleep (HAH!) and laugh alot.

“I want for my daughter what I want for ALL of us. That she will be heard when she speaks her own truths as a woman and, if she chooses, as a mother.  

MotherWoman is the place where we do this with each other and for each other. MotherWoman is the home where ALL mothers can speak our truths and make the changes we know are essential for ourselves, our children and our world.”

I became a mother in 2002 and experienced a severe postpartum emotional crisis. I founded the Postpartum Support Initiative of MotherWoman in 2004, and with Annette Cycon, transformed the MotherWoman Support Group Model into a powerful tool for mothers with postpartum emotional complications. Annette and I developed the MotherWoman Facilitator Training to train professionals and layleaders in how to run successful MotherWoman groups.

Through the Postpartum Support Initiative, I have led the Western Massachusetts Pregnancy and Postpartum Support Coalition which is committed to creating a comprehensive safety net for all mothers experiencing, or at risk of experiencing, perinatal emotional complications.

I was instrumental in bringing the issue of postpartum depression to Representative Ellen Story  (MA State House, Amherst) and was invited to join in drafting Postpartum Legislation in MA. I was an outspoken advocate on behalf of this legislation and in August 2010, the PPD Legislation was signed into law.

I am Western Massachusetts Coordinator for Postpartum Support International.

I  am a poet and performance artist and have a Masters in Fine Arts from Bard College and my Bachelors degree from the State University of New York at Binghamton. Additionally, I attended the Social Justice Education program at University of Massachusetts at Amherst. I have a wonderful hubbie who cheers me on and two delightful children (except when they’re not.)

Hear Liz speak about MotherWoman here.



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